Current Bar / Power Bar EB

Current Bar / Power Bar EB

The EB is a compact AC current and power measurement platform.  Providing an industry standard Modbus/RTU interface, each device has a unique identifier, easily allowing integration into your existing Modbus infrastructure. When used in an eTactica PowerSync network, the EB works as a full power measurement device, gaining active/reactive energy and power factor on every channel. In an individual installation the EB works as a current meter, without supplying the power measurements.

  • Fits on top of all standard circuit breakers.
  • Available in 3/6/12 channel versions
  • Provides Current, cos phi and active/reactive energy for every channel
  • Interface: Modbus RTU, default 19200,8E1
  • Power source: wide input, 5-24V DC
  • Compact moulded current transformers included
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale signal @25°C
  • Variables provided – standard feature: Current per channel and Ambient temperature
  • Variables provided – as part of an eTactica PowerSync network: Active energy import/export per channel, Reactive energy import/export per channel and Phase angle per channel

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  eTactica Modbus Register Map

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