eTactica EB-203-WS Current Bar

eTactica EB-203 with sensor Current Bar
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eTactica EB-203 with sensor Current Bar

The Current Bar EB is a modular current meter formed of 2 parts: 

  •          The bar itself which is a MODbus enabled meter and is available in three different sizes, supporting max 3 input channels. 
  •          Current Sensors (CT's) which can be sold separately or pre assembled with the EB Current Bar.

The EC is a current sensor for standard miniature circuit breakers (MCB). It is designed to fit any type of IEC standard MCB´s, Residual-Current Devices (RCD) and Residual-current Circuit Breakers with Overload protection (RCBO) capable of measuring devices up to 40A. The EC includes a current transformer (CT) with turns ratio of 1:1000 and a burden resistor of 10Ω. The EC does not interfere or affect the function of the MCB.

  •          Fitted on top of all EU standard circuit breakers
  •          Output Values: A, °C (Environmental temperature)
  •          Device Bus: 12V DC
  •          Interface Protocol: Modbus RTU – 19200, 8, E, 1 (default settings)
  •          Available in 4 sizes, 3, 6, 9 and 12 inputs
  •          mA current transformers (up to 63A)
  •          Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale signal @25°C

    Installation EB Current Bar

   EB Modbus Register