Power Meter

Use the Power Meter to measure the mains switches MCCBs of any brand up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases.  

Power Meter EM

The EM is an energy meter intended for measuring mains connections in a cabinet or sub-cabinet, for either single or three-phase installations. The EM measures voltage continuously, current, power factor, and tracks cumulative active and reactive kilowatt-hours and line frequency.

The EM has a built in microcontroller and supports the industrial standard Modbus/RTU slave interface via RS485 for connecting external concentrators or data gateways. Each EM device has a unique identifier and you can connect multiple EM devices to a single EG, or any other data gateway that supports Modbus/RTU.

The EM is available in four different configurations, according to current measurement range; 0-80A, 0-200A, 0-500A and EM eTactica Flex up to 5000A. Dedicated non-invasive current transformers are included for each product and are provided by eTactica. The transformer design is ideal for energy metering, power quality, and automation applications with turns-ratio 1:3000, providing secondary current outputs in the mA range.

  •     Compact size at 2 DIN rail units (34x86x60mm)
  •     Output values: kWh, kW, A, V, PF, Hz
  •     Measured Voltage: 400/230 V
  •     Device Bus: 12V DC
  •     Interface Protocol: Modbus RTU – 19200, 8, E, 1 (default settings)
  •     Split-Core mA current transformers (up to 500A)
  •     Flexible Coil transformers (up to 3000A)
  •     Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale signal @25°C

  eTactic Power Meter Installation Manual

  eTactica Modbus Register