SIG gives you the power to control energy

SIG, is a company whose product portfolio includes a product known as ‘SIGg’.  SIGg is a GPRS based micro energy monitoring system which, when attached to a utility meter, can provide vital statistical information on energy consumed or generated  

SIG is bringing ‘Smart Grid’ Internet of Things (IOT) energy management and control technologies to the energy market, whilst many others are still talking about it.  SIG's real time GSM/GPRS 3G and 4G energy monitoring and control technologies gives customers the power to consume and control the import and export of energy in ways they have never been able to before.  

In providing real time access to utility, energy and carbon data, customers can understand the energy behaviours and performance of their plant and equipment right down to individual asset level.  Equipped with these unique energy insights, customers can improve operations, stretch return on investment and enable better future investment decisions. 

However, SIG provides much more than real time asset monitoring, reporting and control of energy, as they are able to provide ‘future ready’ energy technologies, today.

With SIG's ‘Smart Grid’ IOT compatible technologies creating digitised energy assets, reducing costs, saving carbon and ensuring customers are ready to take full advantage of digitised, decentralised and decarbonised future energy systems.  

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