eTactica Monitoring

eTactica Energy Monitoring

Key benefits of eTactica

Gain critial knowledge about electricity and energy usage.  Measure and monitor electricity down to each circuit breaker within your facility.  Receive real-time alerts based on abnormal usage and fx problems before they become hazardous or expensive.  Take a conscious approach to energy management and reduce your carbon footprint.

Precisely Analyse Energy Consumption:

• Save on energy expenses

• Estimate future energy bills

• Get a breakdown of costs per location, category, circuit breaker, and more.

• Benchmark locations


Improve Control and Maintenance:

• Get real-time overload alerts (ex. Risk of overheating)

• Detect load deviation early on (ex. Clogged flters in HVAC)

• Identify unnecessary usage (ex. lights on in unoccupied spaces)

• Anticipate critical equipment failures (ex. freezers, motors)


Be Socially Responsible:

• Decrease energy waste

• Reduce carbon footprint

• Continuously improve

• Satisfy ISO 50001 certifcation requirements



The eTactica software allows you to monitor your electricity usage and carbon emissions in real-time.


The reporting tool is customisable and effective. It allows you to access historical data and generate reports for any time period.


Set up alerts that send you notifcations of unexpected usage, as well as high and low activity levels for safety and maintenance purposes.


Easily identify and map trends according to ampere chart, branch level, power factor and categories. Get detailed consumption data for all of these factors and run a comparison cost analysis, which estimates your upcoming bill.

Export Data

Export data from the usage page into either an Excel or CSV fle (comma separated values).



The eTactica hardware provides enhanced visibility for circuit level management in a single, or multiple location confguration.  It supports 3rd party hardware integration, and is easily installed into new or existing installations.


Use the Sensors to measure any brand of MCB circuits up to 63A and connect from 3 to 12 Sensors per Current Bar. The Current Bar is a Modbus-RTU measurement device.


Use the Current Meter to measure MCCBs of any brand circuits up to 500A and connect up to 6 Current Sensors per device. The Current Meter is a Modbus-RTU measurement device.


Collect all measurement data in a single Gateway with a built-in message broker using standard Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP interfaces, as well as Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.


Use the Power Meter to measure the mains switches MCCBs of any brand up to 3000A, using a standard Modbus-RTU to provide voltage, current, power factor and frequency data for 1-3 phases.


eTactica services are suitable for:

• Data Centers
• Retail Chains
• Manufacturing
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• The Public Sector
• Harbours


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