Modbus/Bacnet Daikin Interface for unit with infra-red remote control

Daikin AC Interface Modbus / Bacnet MSTP for units with infra red remote control
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Modbus/Bacnet Daikin Interface for unit with infra-red remote control

The MEAC-DA001 is designed for use with Daikin indoor air conditioning units which feature an electronic control board with an S21 interface socket (A list of compatible products can be found at Its purpose is to provide a cost effective and simple method of enabling full integration of these units via the BACnet or Modbus MSTP protocol within most modern Building Management Systems (BMS), when integrated within an existing or new RS485 network. The unit is designed to be both discrete and robust and allows for up to 254 (Modbus) or 32 (BACnet*) devices to be connected on one single network. However due to limitations with RS-485 we recommend no more than 32 devices are connected on a single network.

The MEAC-DA001 Interface is bi-directional allowing both read and write capability making integration and control seamless within new or existing Building Management Systems.

The device also incorporates a temperature sensor input to allow for localised temperature measurement which often is not available from the air conditioning unit itself. This can be used within the BMS strategy to monitor and control the localised supply air temperature, internal space temperature or external air temperature for the air conditioning unit or multiple units when used in an array configuration.

(* BACnet Protocol allows for the connection of up to 127 master devices or 255 slave devices on one RS485 network, however, it is unlikely with loading that a single network would be capable of handling such a number.)

  DA-001 Datasheet